IP Addresses

You have the possibility to rent cheap IPv4 or IPv6 subnets from DevelApp at any time. We generally offer /22, /23 or /24 IPv4 and /48 or larger IPv6 Subnets. We cannot currently offer colocation or server hosting products. So you have to route your networks over your own backbone for example - we are happy to help you for an additional fee, just contact us.

Please contact us via e-mail [email protected] or via our contact form with your inquiry. The inquiry should include at least the type of subnet, the intended use and your contact details. We will then contact you as soon as possible with further details. The following points will not be accepted as intended purpose:

  • Search Engine Fraud
  • Spam/e-mail mass sending
  • Operation of botnets
  • Other types of fraud or abuse

Please also note that the deployment of IPv4 or IPv6 subnets may take up to 3 business days after successful verification due to manual deployment. For an extended setup fee, we can guarantee next business day deployment if your request is received before 8 p.m. and you are ready for any queries the next business day.

Price Overview

Type Setup / One-time Price / Month
IPv4 /22 Subnet - 1022 usable IPv4 Addresses 60,00 € 240,00 €
IPv4 /23 Subnet - 510 usable IPv4 Addresses 60,00 € 125,00 €
IPv4 /24 Subnet - 254 usable IPv4 Addresses 60,00 € 65,00 €
IPv6 /48 Subnet 60,00 € 20,00 €
IPv6 bigger than /48 60,00 € Ask us
Express - Deployment (next Business day) 60,00 € 0,00 €
Autonomous System Number (ASN) 16-bit or 32-bit 60,00 € 20,00 €

The prices are net. VAT will be charged where applicable. 16-Bit ASN requires a valid justification.

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